Shelagh Cornish (07963 819603) Nottingham Art Therapy, Integrated Therapy and Counselling, Supervision, Consultation


 The soul never thinks without an image – Aristotle

Practice Base

I offer Art Psychotherapy, Integrated Therapy and Counselling, Clinical Supervision and Consultation mainly in my Nottingham Art Therapy practice in West Bridgford.

Professional Registration

I am registered with
The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)
The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP)
and abide by their codes of ethics and professional practice

  • Art Psychotherapist
  • BAAT Recognised Private Practitioner
  • BAAT Recognised Supervisor
  • MBACP Registered Member

Professional Qualifications

BA (Hons)

MA Art Psychotherapy

Systemic Therapy (Intermediate level)
PG Cert Heath and Social Care Practice


My practice spans more than 26 years:
  • Art psychotherapy, and integrated therapy and counselling, with people of all ages – individuals, groups, couples and families. I have worked extensively within adult, and child and adolescent, mental health services within the NHS, charitable and voluntary organisations and in private practice.
  • Supervision provision, consultation and training within statutory health, social care and education agencies, charitable and voluntary organisations and in private practice, with qualified practitioners and trainees, managers and people with pastoral roles
  • I am a senior lecturer for the Masters in Art Therapy training at the University of Derby, MA Art Therapy
  • Creating one’s own art is essential for professional practice and I continue to make art on a regular basis


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