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Integrated Therapy.

We can’t change anything until we get some fresh ideas, until we begin to see things differently – James Hillman

Integrated approach to psychotherapy and counselling – for individuals and couples

The therapy can be accessed in my Nottingham Art Therapy practice in West Bridgford.

In addition to Art Psychotherapy I offer a broad approach to psychotherapy and counselling which means I combine a number of different ideas in my work. This can be helpful in a range of problems and symtpoms relating to psychological distress. You will be able to explore your own experiences to find solutions in a safe and confidential relationship and setting of my Nottingham therapy room. You can share parts of your life without fear of being judged or being told what to do and feel assured that any particular differences you have will be respected.

The relationship between therapist and client/s is central in helping you find out what is causing or underlying troubling thoughts, feelings, actions and symptoms. We can agree if this will be just talking or both talking and art-making.

My approach to psychotherapy and counselling is informed by psychodynamic, attachment, neurology and systemic ideas and can be useful for individuals, parent and child, and couples.