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 Our heart glows, and secret unrest gnaws at the root of our being. Dealing with the unconscious has become a question of life for us –  Carl Jung

Clinical Supervision and Consultancy

I offer Art Psychotherapy and Art Therapy specific supervision and consultation, as well as reflective, psychological practice-based supervision and consultation to other professions, within my Nottingham Art Therapy practice.

I offer individual and small group supervision and consultation to qualified and experienced practitioners across orientations, trainees, managers, and those with pastoral roles, working within health, social care and related areas within statutory, education and charitable organisations. Particular expertise is in the area of child, adolescent and family mental health, and adult mental health issues, and issues pertaining to psychological well-being across the spectrum of humankind.

Choosing a supervisor and consultant needs careful consideration. Supervision should be a place to reflect on and process your work where you feel both supported and challenged with the client taking centre stage. With a focus on psychodynamic, systemic, neurology and attachment principles within a process and client-centred model, image-making and other creative means can be used as part of the process in better understanding process material and your client towards informing your practice. Specialist consultation on child and adolescent mental health and psychological development is a particular area of expertise on offer.

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Recent supervise feedback

‘I don’t know how I would have continued to be able to reflect on my practice without the help, support and appreciation of the work I do, in supervision…’

‘The supervision relationship has remained constant and containing which has enabled me to reflect on the difficult work I do…’

‘In supervision I always gain some distance so I can reflect more deeply on therapy processes…’

‘In supervision I can express how much the work affects me, without fear of judgement, to then have more space to think about my clients…’