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Therapy benefits.

 Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes – Carl Jung

People benefit in many different ways

Here are some recent comments from clients I have seen in my Nottingham Art Therapy practice, Integrated therapy and counselling, parent and child dyadic therapy.

Woman age mid 20s
‘Art psychotherapy helped me get everything out and in the pictures I discovered a me I didn’t even know existed’

Man age mid 20s
‘I felt embarrassed about coming for therapy at first but making pictures helped me feel more comfortable and they revealed some real and useful surprises. I am now a much more thoughtful and considerate person because of it ’

Man age 50
‘I was a bit sceptical about art psychotherapy and didn’t think it would work as well as it has. I was amazed that my flashbacks and other trauma symptoms stopped within a few weeks of starting therapy, and I have a much deeper understanding of who I am now and what to do if depression arrives again’

Young adult age 22
‘My pictures gave me lots of insight into myself and my life, and with the support of my therapist I now accept myself a lot more which has also helped my relationships’

Young adult age 18
‘I felt so ill and frightened before…I didn’t know what was happening to me. Being able to make images and only talk when I felt ready made me feel understood and safe. My symptoms have gone and I feel more confident now’

Woman age 80s
‘I was feeling very sad and shaky but I feel so much better painting about my life and talking with a therapist …’

Woman age 50s
‘I have had five different types of therapy before coming here which didn’t work very well. Talking and making pictures in art psychotherapy has made me feel less guilty and ashamed, and to have more understanding of others’

Couple age 30s
‘It wasn’t always easy and you challenged us, but we can see now how we used to get into relating badly with each other. We have both changed our behaviour and our relationship is like it used to be when we first met’

Parents of adopted children
‘The therapy has helped us so much to imagine and understand the issues our adopted children bring with them and how to help them…it really has meant a lot to us’

Couple age 50s
‘Without the therapy we think that our relationship would have collapsed under the strains we were faced with…we have far more understanding of one another and can’t thank you enough’

Woman age 40s
‘I have never told anyone else the things I have shared with you in therapy, and I now feel released from carrying the pain around with me all the time…’

Adolescent male age 16
‘I didn’t know what art psychotherapy was when I first came, but now I do and it really, really works…I have so much more confidence’

Mother and daughter
‘We can’t wait to come. Drawing together has helped us communicate better…’

Parent of adolescent age 17
‘Coming for art psychotherapy has made all the difference to my daughter, and to us. We were so very worried about her, but after each session she was clearly much more settled in herself. Incredibly she has caught up with all her missed school work and is now being interviewed for a place at university’